In the mist

clue in the sky

Reveal the truth that’s inside me. I don’t know what is going behind this entire worldly scene. Who am I suppose to ask and what am I suppose to be… so and so ….Friends around me doesn’t impress me nor do they disgrace me much. My way to truth is very far ….I have never found a high way to it. One day it could be possible that I would succeed or may be in another life. Yesterday I watched again beautiful mind, the hallucination of mind and the mind that is beyond the understanding of any human being, the mind that’s playing trick and deceiving. And I smoked marijuana with friends so that I could have a euphoric effect on me and my mind. Let my mind dance in the glory of others, let me dance with the songs of birds and I saw a moon smiling above me. I saw it through the leaves of trees…It looked so beautiful that I couldn’t explain it in words and I thought for a while –words are not just enough to unearth the expression and the feelings that are inside my heart. Yes it truly is….It was an abstract feeling in the heart of my canvas. I always tried to paint my life with beautiful colors. More I try more it is messed up so I gave a brush to the hands of god to paint my life and I said to myself that I will let go everything and any thing that comes in the way. God is beautiful, caring and compassionate. Let god paint my life with the colors of love, hope, peace and tranquility.

Let there be no more hallucination, no more marijuana and no more illusion. Let the truth be unveiled honestly in front of my eyes and that’s my way to heaven- to the celestial world that I haven’t explored before. I believe in god that’s the reason why I like one of us by Joan Osborne. Yes god is great…god is good …what if god was one of us …just a stranger on the bus…trying to make his way home. Sounds funny aha! But for me god is beyond song and music, beyond Beatles, beyond the doors, beyond Bob Dylan

Moreover god is beyond infinity. I do believe in infinity so I believe in god. I have left my child hood far behind and I know that I am going to leave me myself far behind to the unknown land where there is no blue sky above me and green earth around me; to strange land, to eternity- blowing like a breeze, flowing like a river, rolling like a stone and falling like a hail storm without any desire. And I want to be is free…free…free like a bird…flying with hopes…for higher attainment, for nirvana and for truth.